The Importance of a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

The Importance of a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

When we talk about grooming, we always put a lot of emphasis on using natural products specifically meant for beards. The reason behind that is because they are gentle, full of nutrients and they do not irritate your skin or hair. But to get the best results out of our natural products, more has to be done by you in terms of diet and lifestyle. 

The body is a very intricate system which requires a lot of care. You might be tricked into thinking that your hair or beard is a completely separate entity, but the truth is it’s not. It’s important to note that the primary health of your hair is a reflection of your diet, sleeping pattern, gut and skin health just to name a few. In other words, to have the best beard you must implement a holistic approach and be consistent.


Let’s start with food. Diet is one of the most crucial steps in achieving a healthy beard and this point can’t be emphasized enough. Having a balanced diet is the best way to make sure that your body is supplied with all the essential nutrients required for proper functioning. Examples of healthy diet meals include:

  • Low fat dairy products such as low-fat milk or yogurt.
  • Lots of healthy vegetables such as leafy greens.
  • Whole grains and refined grains such as oats and brown rice.
  • Fresh, frozen or whole fruits but not canned ones.
  • Protein foods such as beans, lean beef fish and chicken.

The moment you establish a healthy diet and consistently fill your body with the above foods, your hair is automatically nourished with vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. Your follicles and hair strands get replenished from the inside out. Afterwards, when you apply our Mandevu products such as beard oil for example, it compliments and adds to the nutrients that already exist in your beard.
The other benefit of having a balanced diet is that it impacts the health of your gut. There are certain skin conditions such as acne and eczema that can occur as a result of an unhealthy gut. They too directly impact your skin, hair and can ultimately result in irritations and itchiness.
One of the best ways to avoid that is by changing your diet to more healthy options. This way, your gut becomes healthier and your skin is moisturized. It also reduces dryness which would occur alongside dandruff. Of course, we all know that scratching your beard as a result of itchiness is not recommended. Therefore, to help alleviate and get rid of  the itching, we also recommend using our Mandevu beard wash.
The other important factor to consider is being physically active. It goes without saying that exercise helps improve blood circulation and the general health of your body. That along with getting enough sleep go hand in hand.Sleep gives your skin the time to recalibrate and regenerate cells. For adults it’s recommended to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.
Lastly, a healthy and consistent lifestyle is the key to a healthy beard. Beard products are there to supplement the nutrients that are already there. So make it a priority to improve your lifestyle in order to see great results in your beard.
Words: Mark Odecho
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