Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Today, let’s digress a little bit and turn our focus to the ladies, our Mo-sistas. We are exactly two weeks away from Valentine’s Day. This very special occasion is all about celebrating love and romance. It’s a day where 2 people express their affection for each other.

Some of the most conventional ways people celebrate Valentine’s is by sending flowers, confectioneries and going out on dates. While some of you already know what you are going to get your bearded Valentino when the time comes, a good number of you are yet to decide.

That’s not to say you are least concerned about this special day. On the contrary, what it says is, you are a perfectionist who endeavors to make your partner cherish this moment forever. To your surprise, a lot of guys are perfectionists too, especially the bearded elite. It just comes with the beard.

In fact, we can even bet that most of them at this very moment are pacing up and down trying to figure out how to make an impact too. So worry not if you have not picked a gift yet because you still have time. As Mandevu, we are going to help you select the right gift for him. Here are some tips to get you started:

Mandevu Valentine’s Tips

  • Get him our beard care set with the Valentine’s Day offer
  • Get him a gift voucher so he can pick the products he likes
  • Book him an appointment at our exclusive Grooming House

Beard Care Set Valentine’s Offer

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s absolutely true and there’s no denying it. But we recently also discovered that when combined with the beard care set, it’s not only the way to his heart, but the key to it as well.
That’s why we decided that from 1st – 12th February we will be having the beard care set on offer. This is one of our Value Combos and has everything he needs including a wash bag. Nothing says Happy Valentine’s louder than getting him the beard care set.

Surprise Him with The Mandevu Gift Card

Another way you can appreciate your Shujaa is by getting him our Mandevu Gift card. Our gift card gives your shujaa the liberty to choose the products he likes most. This is one of the best ways of solidifying your relationship and building even stronger bonds. Once you have selected the gift card and amount, we will then send it to his mail with very simple instructions on how to redeem it.

Treat at The Mandevu Grooming House

Beards require a lot of care and the regular use of nourishing and natural products. At Mandevu we have all the necessary products required for growing, grooming and styling a beard. We also have the Grooming House which is our executive barber shop where we offer exemplary services.
You can surprise your Valentino by booking him an appointment with us today. We offer various services which you can learn more about in detail here. The steps for booking an appointment are also very easy and you can click here to start right away.
Words: Mark Odecho
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