Whether you are going out on a date, a business meeting or just hanging out with friends, the first thing that people usually notice about you is your face. Bearded or otherwise, people first make an impression of you based on how well groomed you are. Later, they assess your clothes, choice of fashion and shoes, usually in a matter of seconds.

For the bearded elite, people go an extra mile in trying to decode or decipher the man behind the beard. Folks gaze and some even gawk because of the voluminous nature and hold of your beard. It simply commands all the attention in a room. Therefore, when you walk into a room and conversations don’t stop, whispers don’t ensue and heads don’t turn, something is not right!

But worry not brothers because that is why Mandevu Beard Care is here. We understand the problem and that’s why we are offering the following solutions: 

  1. Implement an excellent beard care regimen
  2. Incorporate a healthy diet and lifestyle
  3. Only use products with natural ingredients
  4. Detangle and style using a wooden beard comb

Let’s focus on the wooden comb. A lot of new folks make the mistake of using metal picks or plastic combs when styling their beard. We understand that your beard is a symbol, a status, an expression and an embodiment of who you are. We know that it precedes and complements your image. That is why we highly recommend using our specially designed ManDevu beard comb, made out of wood.
Why you should use a wooden beard comb
  • Made out of wood which is natural

We all want good things for our bodies. Be it food, water, air or clothing. A wooden beard comb is also good for you since it’s made out of wood which has natural fibers. When it comes to plastic and metal picks, they fall short because they are made from different materials that are not good for the general health of your beard.
  • Does not irritate or bruise your skin

Since Mandevu beard combs are made out of wood, the edges are well designed so that they do not bruise your skin. The smooth ends gently massage your skin causing no pain or irritations at all. On the other hand, metal and plastic combs do not have very smooth edges and could cause irritations. Reason being most of them are mass produced and not niche specific.
  • Stimulates blood flow

When a wooden comb massages your skin, it results in increased micro circulation of blood in that specific area. This in turn sets the stage for healthy follicles and hair to grow. It also helps eliminate dead skin cells, bacteria or dandruff that could be developing on your skin. So make sure to use our Mandevu beard oil in conjunction with our wooden beard comb, in order to avoid dandruffs (also known as beard-druff).

  • Specifically designed for your beard

In our previous article about beard balm, we mentioned some reasons why skin and hair in your face is different from that on your head. We also know that people generally have more hair on their heads than on their faces. This means that the amount of sebum produced varies as well due to the varying volume of follicles. Hence, our wooden comb is crafted with all those factors in mind, so that you can get the best results possible.

  • Good for oil distribution

Uniform oil distribution is imperative for the health of your beard. Your body naturally produces sebum and you boost it by adding beard oil to help with nourishment. Surpassingly, these oils will not do much if they are not evenly distributed from roots to ends. They could even clog your pores and negatively affect your growth process. To avoid such a scenario, use the best tool for the job, a wooden beard comb. Plastic and metal combs are inefficient in distributing since they cause static damage.

  • No static damage from wooden combs

Static damage is one thing you don’t want affecting your beard. Interesting enough,  it is one of the easiest to avoid. Static charges cause breakage and split ends which affect the look and volume of your beard. With such damages, you will have to trim your beard up to the affected point in order to start afresh. Best way for escaping such predicaments is by using a wooden beard comb. The natural fibers in the wood prevent your hair from getting static charges.

  • Easy to detangle matted hair

You don’t want detangling any matted hair strands in your beard to be a fight. You want the process to be peaceful and effortless. If you apply too much force or traction, you risk exposing and damaging hair follicles. Use a wooden beard comb since it glides smoothly through your hair without causing breakages. Remember to comb your hair with the grain or in the direction that it grows so that you achieve maximum length.
Lastly, it is our job as Mandevu Beard Care to make sure that your beard looks sharp and on point at all times. It is our duty to ensure that your beard mane is well hydrated, moisturized, combed and looking healthy at all times. It is our responsibility to help you exceed expectations when you grace a room with your presence. So make sure to check out all our products here. If you are using a plastic or metal comb, it’s time to ditch it and get yourself a pocket sized Mandevu wooden beard comb.
Words: Mark Odecho
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