Join us as we take you through a list of fun and, or interesting beard facts. Some of these we already knew while others shocked us and others amused us.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

  1. The Beard License

Back in the Roman times, men had to acquire a license in order to grow a beard. Would you get a license if this was still a law today?

Honestly, some of you may need this because it should be illegal to have a beard that amazing!

    2. The Beard Tax

These Romans were really setting the pace for some of these new age governments - taxed just to be alive!

Men were not only required to have a license but were also taxed for growing their beard.

  3. The Beard Antihistamine

Our avid readers know this. The beard acts as a natural barrier trapping dust, dirt and other germs as they try to sneak into your nostrils, lips and eyes. This can help curb infections, flus and allergies.

More proof that beards save lives!

   4. The Beard Strength

Apparently, a braided beard is stronger than a rope of the same thickness. It is not only stronger, but 20 times stronger!

Please don't try this at home - unless of course you are an old, wild, viking man with a thick braided beard.

    5. The Beard Insulator

A beard is so versatile and adaptable as it protects your face from the sun rays when it’s hot/summer and it also keeps you warm when it’s cold/winter. A natural insulator!

    6. The Beard Complex

According to some individuals, the word B.E.A.R.D, is an acronym…







We’ll leave it up to the beard fam to research on the validity of this point! Keep us posted on what you find. (We think this would be great on a t-shirt, right?)

Mandevu’s got your beard facts!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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