We have compiled a few beard hacks that will help you get your beard game up to the next level.

  1. Increase your beard volume

For this step, you will need a brush, beard balm and a blow dry.

Take a nice, hot shower to open up your pores, then gently towel dry. Once this part is complete, add a couple of generous drops of beard oil and massage into your beard. Now all you need to do is brush your beard in a downward motion, away from your face and use the blowdry to increase the volume of the beard as you brush.

You can do this twice a week, preferably in the morning, so that your beard looks full and healthy throughout the week.                                                     

2. Tame your beard to your preferred style

Did you know that you can condition your beard to grow in the direction that you like? We have done a couple of articles on beard styles and we will be sure to add some more to guide you. But first, take a look at Determine your beard style.

For this step, all you need is a beard brush & comb and beard oil.

You will also need to get your beard wet for this step. Go on to add some beard oil and then brush and comb your beard in the direction that you desire.

Doing this consistently will trick your hair into growing in that direction - and that’s how you tame your mane.

3. Moisture is everything!

According to studies, 20% of the population hate this word - moisture. We apologise but synonyms like wetness and dampness and condensation just don’t work here.

Moisture to the beard includes using your beard wash, balm and oil religiously.

We recommend adding beard balm to your routine as its thick, creamy structure adds positively to your beard moisture.

This helps with styling and shaping as well as overall beard health.

For example, if you would like to twist your moustache at the ends (like an old-timey bearded man), then a beard balm would aid you in this process.

Check out the next article for part 2 of how to uplevel your beard.

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Words: Ciku Kimani

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