Welcome back to the second and final series of Mandevu’s beard hacks.

  1. All about the fluff!

Fluff can be used to describe something soft and smooth. This is what your beard should feel like.

A soft beard is not only for you but for your partner or anyone who gets close enough to you to feel it.

We know and love the texture of African hair so we are not saying that it should be as soft as relaxed hair, but with a consistent beard care routine, it should be nice and fluffy.

Check out our next post for our 2024 beard routine.

2. Always be prepared

Anyone living in Kenya right now knows how unpredictable the weather has been. One minute you’re gearing up in your boots and umbrellas, and the next, you’re searching for your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the rays.

This weather is not only confusing to us but it also messes with your beard.

We advise you to carry your beard comb or brush with you to keep your beard protected and tamed, unlike this weather.

Luckily for the beard fam, we have a beard care set  that comes with a bag, making it easier for you to carry around these essentials as you go throughout your day.

3. Trim + shave = growth

It sounds counterintuitive to shave or trim while your whole agenda is to grow your beard.

We’ll use gardening terms to explain this one: weeds grow in the grass and you have to cut, prune and pull these little suckers out in order for fresh, full grass to grow. The same concept applies to growing a beard. Split ends are the weeds and they need to go to make room for healthy hair to grow.


We’d like to know:

Since you started your beard journey, what processes have you implemented that have shown a significant positive difference/upgrade in your beard growth and care? Let us know in the comments below and on our socials as well.

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Words: Ciku Kimani

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